I am a Hydrangea.

The Hydrangea flower comes in a range of colors from dark purples to light pinks. There are about 75 different species, they grow all over the world. They are a little toxic and requires a lot of water. The difference between me and a Hydrangea are that I feed on love instead of water. We are alike because I grow where I am planted and grow towards the sun. I cannot be tamed & I will bloom when I feel like it and in my season. So do not try to prune me to be how society thinks I should be. I am pretty, so let me be my kind of pretty. You can easily put every flower in a group, they can go together like roses and baby’s breath. But is that right? Is it right to put the red flowers with the yellow flowers just because they look well together, even though they need different sunlight? Can you uproot a tree and change its soil from dry to wet just because it is in front of a window. You can, but that does not make it right. Just like it is not right to make someone sit in the back of the classroom even though they spoke with you about not being able to see very well. Your job as the teacher is to fulfill their needs. Being an Elementary Education major, people have told me that I will never be able to cater to every students needs. I looked at them like they were crazy because to me, they were. Wether you are a teacher, a parent, or just a friend you are constantly everyday being taught and teaching. All you have to do is be open to the things around you. So next time you walk out your door for the day, look, listen, and feel. To what? Your surroundings, and no I am not talking about meditating. The things around you are part of you, you influenced the small flower you just barely stepped on last week when you were running late for class. The tiniest things matter, you matter.

College: Tips & Tricks

As my college years go on I will continue to add onto this post so keep it touch. Some may only pertain to Washington State University but I will make a note of that. 

1. Office hours are helpful! If your Proffessor offers them then GO! Come with questions too! It is also beneficial to ask them HOW you should study for their exams. They made the test so they would know best. 

2. The WSU math learning center. Sometimes they can be extremely helpful & sometimes they are useless. If the helpers can’t help you then sit with other people in the same math as you and ask them for help. Chances are they are struggling on the same question. I’ve spent countless hours in the MLC. I’m not very good at math so I found my little sanctuary there.

3. Notes! Taking notes will depend on what type of learner you are. I have tried multiple types of notes. I’ve tried pre-writing the notes on one side of the page & then writing notes on the professors words on the other side. I’ve also tried just sitting and listening (boring), writing notes frantically (you don’t take in as much), and also taking notes and drawing pictures. I have found that drawing pictures helps me a lot, just making a little flower can help me remember the female & male parts of the flower (as well as labeling them). Or you can also look up notes on your smart phone or tablet & write the slide number along with notes on the professors words. 

4. Studying: Don’t be afraid to ask that shy kid next to you if they want to meet up and study! Get your friends together and make a point to study. I know studying is hard but it needs to be done. You won’t get through college with not studying, trust me. 

Here are some ways:

-note cards: Make notecards of terms and questions you have come up with and study them 5 at a time. Keep going through that group of 5 until you know them and then move onto the next 5. This makes it so you aren’t having to remember that one notecard from the very beginning of the pile. Also, if your struggling with a card then put it into a different pile so you can look at it later.

-Re-write the notes: Rewriting all the notes that your going to be tested on can also be helpful and then on a delegate sheet of paper you can write down topics and themes you did not understand to come back to later.

-Watch videos: It always helps me to watch YouTube videos on the subjects I’m learning. I’m a very visual learner and seeing it more than once is what makes it click! Also The Khan Acadamy is a SUPER helpful source! It’s completely free and has every topic you will go over from kindergarten to college! And they have practice questions as well! This website really helped me with math!

-Make a song: YouTube has some songs for some subjects or you can make your own tune!

-Make a study wall: A study wall is a compilation of all of the material you need to cover. I did this for my psychology class because it was a lot of name this (with an arrow pointed to a part of the brain). I printed out a lot of pictures and covered up the answers with sticky notes so I could flip it to see the answer. You can also tape notecards to the wall and flip them over to see the answer! 

-Create your own study guide: Go through the lecture slides or chapters and write the main topics down. Then, go through and fill in the extra stuffing!

-Make your own test: I had a Proffessor that used to do this and she made straight A’s in school. So obviously it works! 

5. Partying: Everyone should do it at least once! 

Some obvious rules:

-If it’s open and sitting don’t drink it. 

-Never go alone.

-Have a safe word/sentence: As soon as one of your girls says, “I can’t wait for Mac and cheese!” You know she’s uncomfortable and wants to leave. (You can come up with your own saying but it’s best to have something that isn’t obvious, that’s way you don’t feel awkward making that poor guy that needs to brush his teeth & get a haircut feel bad). 

-Don’t wear your nice shoes! Frat floors are gross and you don’t wanna ruin a cute pair of shoes. Go grab some $5 “toms” from Walmart!

6. GO TO CLASS. Always always ALWAYS…go to class. Especially, when you know nobody will be there. There will be those very few who do come and the Proffessor will notice and say, “Oh looks like there’s only 10 out of the 153 people here, sign this piece of paper for 5 points extra credit.”